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Experienced Player Information


Thank you for contacting the Pacific Hockey Association regarding our Experienced Player leagues. This information sheet will act as a guide to the operation of the PHA and the options available to you in joining the PHA for the upcoming season.

The coordinator for the experienced player placement is Michael Benesh. You may contact Mike at We will be happy to promptly answer any questions you might have that are not covered in this package.


The Pacific Hockey Association currently operates both Winter and Summer League programs. Each season consists of 1 placement game, 16 regular season games, and playoffs. In each five team conference, four of the teams reach the playoffs, in a single elimination format. The championship game will have two, 15-minute overtime periods followed by a shootout if needed.

We have changed our format recently to a DESIGNATED NIGHT OF PLAY. This means that each conference will play all of their regular season and playoff games on one night of the week. The only exceptions to this rule will be the placement game and any make-up games that may arise during the season.

The PHA is oldest and most established league in the Bay Area. There are several reasons for this, the most important being parity, scheduling and a company-wide, customer oriented business philosophy.

The PHA also offers standings via our web site, so that any player in the league may retrieve up-to-date standings in any conference desired. Our Web Site has current standings, links to PHA teams and other important hockey sites, Sharks information and many other items. Our address is: for those wishing to investigate this further. Our e-mail address is: This Home Page and e-mail gives us another means to disseminate information to players, and serves as a link to other local hockey team’s home pages.

Hockey is an expensive proposition. At the Pacific Hockey Association, we offer a high degree of customer service coupled with value pricing. We look forward to having you become a member of the Pacific Hockey Association this season.


The PHA is a safety-oriented league. There is no checking at any conference level. The PHA does not condone fighting or other rough play; discipline is an ongoing program throughout the league. This means that the PHA will suspend any players involved in this type of activity, pursuant to the PHA Policy Guide and Rulebook. The PHA does not believe in a system of fines. Once you have paid the league fees, there will be no other hidden costs involved throughout the season, including playoffs.

As stated previously, parity within each conference is of paramount importance to the PHA. Our goal is that any team can beat any other team on any given night. We work toward this goal by having many conference levels and by actively seeking to place each team in the proper conference.

You will find the PHA Policy Guide on our web site. Click on the PHA General Info item from the left column, then click on the Policy Guide. Each player is responsible for following all the rules as spelled out in the Policy Guide.


Full safety equipment is required at all levels of play. This includes, but is not limited to, a hockey helmet (Jofa “Gretzky” model is not acceptable), a H.E.C.C. approved face shield or visor (the PHA strongly encourages the use of a full face shield), shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves, hockey pants, protective cup or pelvic protector, shin guards and, of course, skates. A stick is always a useful option, as well. No player will be allowed to play in a PHA game without a full complement of equipment.

Color coordinated jerseys and socks are mandatory. The jersey must have a number unique to that player on the team. Names are not required. The predominant color of the socks must match the predominant color of the jersey; solid color sweat pants are acceptable as long as the color matches the jersey. The reason we mandate jerseys with numbers is to aid us in keeping stats; with over 1,500 players in the league, it is difficult to keep track of each player for the purpose of keeping accurate stats without a useful number system. Additionally, the color coordination of the socks aids both the players and the referees in the operation of the game.

In both the Winter and Summer Seasons, each team must have a home (white) and visiting (dark) jersey. Most established teams have access to team jerseys through several sources, new teams may obtain the jerseys on their own or coordinate through the PHA.


The PHA will play at the state of the art rink Ice Center @ San Mateo and the Ice Center @ Cupertino (Vallco) rink. Our schedule allows teams to play once per week, with a bye every fifth week. The Winter Season runs from October through April, while the Summer Season operates from May through September.


The PHA operates the playoffs by conference only. Within each conference, four of the five teams reach the playoffs, which are a single elimination format. The Championship game has a two period overtime followed by a shootout if needed. Each winning team receives individual championship trophies as well as a team trophy while the second place finisher receives a team trophy.


The cost for the Winter and Summer Season is set by team. Please visit our web site for current prices for the upcoming season. Playoffs are always included in the season price. The playoffs are conducted within each conference and include four of the five teams in the conference in a single elimination format playoff.


Please complete the registration form that is located on our web site. All registrations are taken on a first-come, first-served basis, so get yours in as soon as possible.

(Click Here For Registration Form)

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