Beginner Hockey

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The current restrictions issued from the county health department require groups of less than 35 be in the building at any 1 time. In order to accommodate that, we have had to change the logistics of how we conduct the games, including locker room access, exiting, spectators, etc.
We have had the rink sanitized and conducted an extra deep clean during the weekend of 3/14 - 3/15. In addition, between games, locker rooms will be wiped down with approved sanitizer wipes and sprayed with an approved sanitizer mister.
The rink will also be wiped down on an ongoing basis during all events.
Washing hands with soap and water is the method most encouraged by the health department. You will have ample availability of soap and water at the rink, and we encourage you to wash your hands as often as you would like. However, we are going to ask that you shower at home temporarily.

1. No spectators allowed at any PHA games temporarily.
2. Players may only arrive at the rink 20 minutes prior to their game time, and must wait until the previous teams have exited the building before entering. Rink personnel will be responsible for opening the doors when it's time to enter.
3. Players must exit the rink with 15 minutes of the end of their game. The players for the next game cannot enter until
all players from the previous game have exited. We encourage hand washing, but showers will have to be taken at home.
4. Only 5 players will be allowed on the players bench at any 1 time. So, the next line that is going out can be on the bench, and all others will sit behind the players bench until they are the next line out. This rotation will allow the proper distancing between players while on the bench.
5. There will only be fist bumping with gloves on allowed at the handshake line. Please stay an arm’s length from the person in front of you in line in order to maintain proper distancing.
6. There will be ample ability to hand wash at any time before, during or after a game. Hand washing is encouraged.